Friday, May 2, 2014

Character and Natural Ability

Many people say, "if they are gifted leaders, let them be used," but Paul tells the church in (1 Timothy 3 & Titus 1), "let us first examine their character and then use their leadership gifts to bless the church." 

Why does it matter? Because, a person's character paves the way for their natural abilities to be rightly used by God, for his glory. The measurement of character as the qualification for leadership is essential, especially in the church. The chief end of the church is to glorify God and rightly display Christ's image for the world to see. The pragmatic approach to leadership cares more about a person's ability than their character, but Paul instructs the church to care first about character and then about ability. Many gifted leaders have fallen from grace, due to moral failure, because the church failed to examine their character before setting them free to use their natural leadership abilities.

Instead of saying, "I want to be used by God in his church" try saying "I want to be the kind of person God can use in his church." 

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